We are a multidisciplinary team that supports you in the development of your product from the first sketches to marketing.


Founded in 1998, iol Strategic Design was created under the leadership of 5 designers with varied interests (graphic design, web design, industrial design, etc.). In 2008, when François and Michaël took over the leadership of the agency alongside Myriam, iol specialized exclusively in industrial design and innovative product design.

Thanks to their prior experiences as an integrated designer in different fields, together they developed iol on the Belgian and French market.

Our team

iol is a multidisciplinary team of product designers, engineers and strategists who love innovative developments. They will be your partners and collaborators throughout the development process.


FrançoisAdministrator - Designer
MichaëlAdministrator - Designer
MyriamAdministrator - Designer
JonathanSenior industrial designer
LauraSenior industrial designer
NicolasSenior industrial designer
EmmaIndustrial designer
DavidEngineer - Draftsman
CharlineOffice Manager

Our values

Creativity and ingenuity are the key words of our design approach. Observing, innovating, adapting, transposing concepts and ideas guides our work.

In the design of a product as in the life of a company, the human factor is a fundamental factor to be given priority. Determining the exact target, questioning it, understanding it is a first step in the successful development of a new product.

Beyond current debates, the durability of a product is one of the key elements of its success. At iol we are committed to designing products with targeted design, thoughtful functionality, and appropriate and repairable materials to ensure their long-term viability.


Responsible design as a common thread in our thinking

We place responsible design at the heart of our thinking. At iol, responsible design is a fundamental principle. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to create products that last over time. This is why we prefer to talk about responsible design rather than sustainability or sustainable design. Finding balance isn’t always easy, but it’s an essential goal.

Our mission is to support you in innovating for the future by adopting a responsible approach in the choice of materials, aiming for their long-term use from the design stage, and taking into account the product life cycle strategy.

We strive to balance social, economic and environmental aspects to minimize negative impacts on people, profit and the planet.

Key Numbers

  • 26 years of experience

  • 12 enthusiastic employees

  • 200 products placed on the market

  • 835 m² dedicated to innovation