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iol supports you in the product development process to build the path between idea and realization.


Our team of 6 designers allows us for individual reflections and team brainstorming, approaches conducive to grasping new things and cross-referencing information to multiply solutions.

Project managers are appointed according to their respective skills and according to the nature of the projects (sheet metal or injection orientation, medical or childcare products, etc.).

  • Global support

    We collaborate globally in the development of your product. As a product design agency, we bring our know-how from idea to industrialization and share our experience to make your product a success.

  • Specific need

    We intervene on an ad hoc basis to provide the necessary momentum and make your project unique and industrializable.

iol lab

We are convinced that materializing the idea from the start of the development process allows us to move forward more efficiently.

Our R&D lab includes a large number of rapid prototyping machines, tools and equipment that allow us to create demonstrators, prototypes, test them, assemble the first series, etc.

The 300m² dedicated to this purpose play a very important role in the efficiency of our product design service.

Project management

Developing a product from A to Z requires a significant investment from the client company. We can support you throughout your project with global monitoring according to your needs: financial, administrative aspects, overall management, file for crowdfunding platform, etc.


We become collaborators for the duration of a project and become an integral part of your team.

We work in our offices and share our progress regularly during work meetings. Weekly contacts and availability are the key words. We work on a fixed quote or on a cost basis depending on needs.

Depending on your needs, we also intervene in insourcing via the intervention of one of our employees directly at your home over a specific period and according to a schedule defined in advance. Together we find the best solutions based on your internal needs and resources. We work on a management basis over periods and prices determined in advance.

The certification of your product is a key element in its development. We pay special attention to this throughout the work process. Our stress lab allows us to carry out the necessary tests to best prepare it for certification.

Support Certification