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Arcimboldo you may know him as a painter, author of multiple portraits suggested by plants (among other things). But today, Arcimboldo is also a revolution in the world of professional citrus presses!

Arcimboldo is a high-end device that revisits a simple and old idea: pressing the fruit to extract the juice. Not just any juice! A 100% healthy and natural juice, free from contact with the peel of the fruit.

When iol was contacted to develop the product, the machine only had the innovative pressing system. Everything else still had to be done. A godsend because at iol, we love challenges, vibrant innovations and collaborations between enthusiasts.

For once, it is with our partners at Lieed that we carried out this major project. The fruit of long development, Arcimboldo is soon ready to appear on the lunch buffets of the biggest Parisian hotels!

The design thinking does not stop at the exterior appearance, all the ergonomics of use are thought out, both outside and inside, both for the user and for maintenance. From drawings to first renderings, the project is starting to take shape.

Going through multiple prototypes is an essential phase to test, improve, modify and refine all the elements. Many iterations are necessary, little by little they become clearer and we get closer to the final product.