• ClientSchréder
  • Business Consumer
  • Expertises Innovation, Design

Urban lanterns are becoming more and more similar, Flexia is reversing this trend by providing a unique identity, multiple possibilities and a refined aesthetic.

Based on a unique lighting platform developed by Schréder, iol has designed the new range of fully modular and customizable urban lighting: Flexia.

The Flexia range has been carefully considered and allows us to design unique sets that embrace the spirit of a city. This new range offers the possibility of strengthening the identity of urban spaces such as squares, streets, avenues, pedestrian areas and residential areas.

Its wide choice of finishes and customization effects according to your wishes makes it unique.

Beyond aesthetics, maintenance has been designed to be simpler, faster and as inexpensive as possible.

A Schréder innovation in collaboration with iol in the world of urban lighting.

During the collaboration, our designer team started from the technical platform developed by Schréder to innovate and open up the field of possibilities in the world of modular urban lighting. From the first sketches to tests and full-size prototypes, the involvement of the iol and Schréder teams resulted in an innovative product which has met with great success.